Abbey, Edwin Austin (U.S.A., 1852 - 1911).
King Lear, Act I, Scene I. The Picture Plane (rectangular format).
Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence (England, 1836 - 1912).
Aquavel (U.S.A., ? - )
Curvilinear relationships. Shape Basics (types of shapes).
Artpolygon Studio (U.S.A., ? - )

Baer, Jo (U.S.A., 1929 - ).
Primary light group: red, green, blue. Notan (a note).
Bargue, Charles (France, c. 1826 - 1883).
2 illustrations from Cours de dessin. Notan (notan vs. illumination).
Beaux, Cecilia (U.S.A., 1855 - 1942).
James Murdock Clark, Jr.. The Picture Plane (rectangular format).
Bosschaert, Ambrosius (Netherlands, 1573 - 1621).
Bouquet of flowers in a niche. The Picture Plane (composite format).
Boucher, Francois (France, 1703 - 1770).
Jupiter and Callisto. The Picture Plane (oval format).
Bouguereau, William-Adolphe (France, 1825 - 1905).

Cassatt, Mary (U.S.A./France, 1844-1926).
Maternal caress. Notan (Japanism).
Cezanne, Paul (France, 1839 - 1906).
Auvers, panoramic view. Edges (types of edges).
Still life with apples. Edges (types of edges).
Chardin, Jean-Baptiste-Simeon (France, 1699 - 1779).
Basket of plums. Overview (great art).
Cranach, Lucas, the Elder (Germany, c. 1472 - 1553).
Crawhall, Joseph (England, 1861 - 1913).

da Vinci, Leonardo (Italy, 1452 - 1519).
Dali, Salvador (Spain, 1904 - 1989).
Galatea of the spheres. Shape Basics (types of shapes).
Lapis lazuli corpuscular assumption. Overview (great art).
Slave market with the disappearing bust of Voltaire. Shape Basics (positive vs. negative shapes).
della Francesca, Piero (Italy, c. 1415 - 1492).
Dow, Arthur Wesley (U.S.A., 1857 - 1922).
Illustrations from Composition. Notan, Shape in Practice (Dow's notan-structure).
Rain in May. Notan.
Durer, Albrecht (Germany, 1471 - 1528)
The adoration of the trinity. The Picture Plane (composite format).

Escher, M. C. (Maurits Cornelis) (Netherlands, 1898 - 1972)
Hand with reflecting globe. Shape Basics.
Plane-filling motif with reptiles. Shape Basics (types of shapes).
Three spheres I. Shape Basics.


Gainsborough, Thomas (England, 1727 - 1788).
Farmyard with milkmaid, cows, donkeys. The Picture Plane (oval format).
River landscape with rustic lovers. The Picture Plane (oval format).
Gentileschi, Artemisia (Italy, 1593 - c. 1656).
Giotto di Bondone (Italy, 1267 1337).
Stefaneschi triptych. The Picture Plane (other formats).
Gjerde, Eric (U.S.A., 1978 - ).
Octagonal stellation, step 2. Shape Basics (types of shapes).
Goya, Francisco de (Spain, 1746 - 1828).
The third of May, 1808. Overview (great art).
Gris, Juan (Spain/France, 1887 - 1927).

Hakuin Ekaku (Japan, 1686 - 1768).
Three blind men on a bridge. Notan (a note).
Han Gan (China, c. 706 - 783).
A man herding horses. Overview (science of art).
Harnett, William Michael (U.S.A., 1848 - 1892).
The old violin. Notan (notan vs. realism).
Hasegawa Tohaku (Japan, 1539 - 1610).
Pine trees. Notan.
Herzog, Hermann (U.S.A., 1831 - 1932).
Figure in a river landscape. The Picture Plane (rectangular format).
Hiroshige. See Utagawa Hiroshige.
Hokusai. See Katsushika Hokusai.
Homer, Winslow (U.S.A., 1836 - 1910).

Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique (France, 1780 - 1867).
Augustine-Modeste-Hortense Reiset. Edges (lost-and-found edge).
Comtesse d'Haussonville. Edges (lost-and-found edge).
Comtesse d'Haussonville (drawing). Edges (lost-and-found edge).
Delphine Ramel, Madame Ingres. Edges (lost-and-found edge).
Mademoiselle Mary de Borderieux. Edges (types of edges).
Inness, George (U.S.A., 1825 - 1894).
Isham, Samuel (U.S.A., 1855 - 1914).
Girl in white with chrysanthemums. Notan (notan vs. realism).


Katsushika Hokusai (Japan, 1760 - 1849).
Great wave off Kanagawa. Notan (Japanism).
Morning glories. Notan (Japanism).
Kitagawa Utamaro (Japan, 1753 - 1806).
Midnight: The hours of the rat; mother and sleepy child. Notan (Japanism).
Three famous beauties. Notan (Japanism).
Klarwein, Abdul Mati (Israel/U.S.A./Spain, 1932 - 2002).
Kollwitz, Kathe (Germany, 1867 - 1945).

Lascaux cave artist (prehistoric France).
Lefebvre, Jules Joseph (France, 1836 - 1911).
A Japanese. Notan (Japanism).
Leonardo. See da Vinci, Leonardo.
Lippi, Fra Filippo (Italy, 1406 - 1469).

Magritte, Rene (Belgium, 1898 - 1967).
The domain of Arnheim (1949). Shape Basics (positive vs. negative shapes).
The domain of Arnheim (1962). Shape Basics (positive vs. negative shapes).
The human condition (1935). Shape Basics (positive vs. negative shapes).
Makarov, Ivan (Russia, 1822 - 1897).
Portrait of a girl. The Picture Plane (oval format).
Mancini, Antonio (Italy, 1852 - 1930).
Portrait of a child. Overview (great art).
Martin, Bill (William Henry) (U.S.A., 1943 - 2008).
Matisse, Henri (France, 1869 - 1954).
Michelangelo Buonarroti (Italy, 1475 - 1564).
Monet, Claude (France, 1840 - 1926).
Camille Monet in a Japanese costume. Notan (Japanism).
Haystacks at Chailly at sunrise. The Picture Plane (rectangular format).
Houses of Parliament, London. Edges (types of edges).
Houses of Parliament, London. Edges (types of edges).
Water lilies. Notan (Japanism).
Morris, Mary "May" (England, 1862 - 1938).
Floral embroidery design. Notan (Japanism).
Morris, William (England, 1834 - 1896).
Mucha, Alphonse Maria (Czechoslovakia, 1860 - 1939).
Portrait of a girl. The Picture Plane (oval format).


O'Keeffe, Georgia (U.S.A., 1887 - 1986).
Banana flower No. 1. Notan.
Black iris. Notan.
Pelvis with the distance. Shape Basics (types of shapes).

Parrish, Maxfield (U.S.A., 1870 - 1966).
Picasso, Pablo (Spain, 1881 - 1973).
Portrait of the artist's father. Shape Basics (positive vs. negative shapes).
Portrait of Paul Picasso as a child. Shape Basics (positive vs. negative shapes).
Portrait of Wilhelm Uhde. Edges (types of edges).
Seated woman with wrist watch. Notan (notan vs. realism).
Three musicians. Edges (lost-and-found edge).
Pissarro, Camille (France, 1830 - 1903).
Boulevard Montmartre at night. Shape in Practice (light, shadow and shape).
Boulevard Montmartre on a winter morning. Shape in Practice (light, shadow and shape).


Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio) (Italy, 1483 - 1520).
Madonna of the chair. The Picture Plane (round format).
Rembrandt van Rijn (Netherlands, 1606 - 1669).
Deposition from the cross. The Picture Plane (composite format).
Self-portrait at an early age. Notan (notan vs. illumination).
Rothko, Mark (U.S.A., 1903 - 1970).
Rubens, Peter Paul (Belgium, 1577 1640).
Assumption of the virgin. The Picture Plane (composite format).
Madonna in a garland of flowers. The Picture Plane (composite format).

Sanchez Cotan, Juan (Spain, 1560 - 1627).
Still life with quince, cabbage, melon and cucumber. Overview (great art).
Sant, James (England, 1820 - 1916).
Portrait of the artist's wife Elizabeth and daughter Mary Edith. The Picture Plane (oval format).
Sargent, John Singer (U.S.A./France/England, 1856 - 1925).
Brook among rocks. Edges (types of edges).
Madame Gautreau drawings. Shape in Practice (the thumbnail sketch).
Madame Gautreau watercolor. Shape in Practice (the thumbnail sketch).
Moorish buildings in sunlight. Edges (types of edges).
Ruth Sears Bacon. Edges (types of edges).
Seated musicians. Edges (lost-and-found edge).
The Spanish dancer. Edges (lost-and-found edge).
Thumbnail sketch of a boat deck. Shape in Practice (the thumbnail sketch).
The Wyndham sisters thumbnail sketches. Shape in Practice (the thumbnail sketch).
Schmid, Richard (U.S.A., 1934 - ).
Chicago nocturne. Edges (types of edges).
Sorolla y Bastida, Joaquín (Spain, 1863 - 1923).
Storm on Peñalara, Segovia. Shape in Practice (light, shadow and shape).

Taylor, Gage (U.S.A., 1942 - 2000).
Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista (Italy, 1696 - 1770).
Apotheosis of the Pisani family. The Picture Plane (other formats).
Hagar in the wilderness. The Picture Plane (oval format).
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de (France, 1864 - 1901).
La troupe de Mlle Eglantine. Notan (Japanism).
Turner, Joseph Mallord William (England, 1775 - 1851).
Moonlight, a study at Millbank. Notan (notan vs. illumination).
The slave ship. Edges (types of edges).

Unknown 16th-century Japanese artist.
Sparrows and pinks. Notan (notan vs. realism).
Utagawa Hiroshige (Japan, 1797 - 1858).
Great bridge, sudden shower at Atake. Notan (Japanism).
Plum estate, Kameido. Notan (Japanism).
Utamaro. See Kitagawa Utamaro.

van der Ast, Balthasar (Netherlands, 1593-94 - 1657).
Still life with roses, irises, tulips, narcissi and other flowers. The Picture Plane (oval format).
van Dyck, Anthony (England, 1599 - 1641).
Portrait of a young Genoese nobleman. Shape in Practice (the thumbnail sketch).
Portrait of a young Genoese nobleman (study in ink wash). Shape in Practice (the thumbnail sketch).
van Eyck, Jan (Belgium/Netherlands, c. 1395 - 1441).
van Gogh, Vincent (Holland/France, 1853 - 1890).
Tracing of a courtesan. Notan (Japanism).
The starry night. Edges (types of edges).
The starry night (drawing). Edges (types of edges).
Vasarely, Victor (Hungary/France, 1908 - 1997).
Velázquez, Diego (Spain, 1599 - 1660).
Vigee Le Brun, Elisabeth Louise (France, 1755 1842).

Wang Chen (China, 1720 - 1797).
Album of ten leaves depicting bamboo. Notan.
Warhol, Andy (U.S.A., 1928 - 1987).
Weber, Max (U.S.A., 1881 - 1961).
Whistler, James Abbott McNeill (U.S.A./England, 1834 - 1903).
Arrangement in black and brown: the fur jacket. Edges (lost-and-found edge).
Arrangement in gray and black No. 1. Notan (notan vs. illumination).
Symphony in white No. 1. The Picture Plane (rectangular format).

Xu Daoning (China, c. 970 - 1051).
Evening songs of the fishermen. Notan.
Zorn, Anders (Sweden, 1860 - 1920).
Vita liljor (white lilies). Shape in Practice (negative shape painting).
Axes of the square. The Picture Plane (the square).
Diffuse edge. Edges (types of edges).
Digitate edge. Edges (types of edges).
Lost-and-found edge. Edges (lost-and-found edge).
Shape boundaries. Shape Basics.
Transitional edge. Edges (types of edges).
Value structures (light and dark shapes vs. illumination and shadow). Notan (notan vs. illumination).
Width-to-height ratios of paintings in museums. The Picture Plane (rectangular format).
Yin-yang symbol. Notan (a note).
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